MCE Insurance's Fleet Policy Perfect Solution for Basilico

MCE Insurance

As Reported in Pizza Pasta Feb 2013

MCE Insurance is one of the few insurance companies in the market to offer specialist delivery bike insurance for entire fleets and more and more fast food outlets are taking advantage of the excellent insurance offers at MCE with Geoff Parsons (Chief Executive of London based pizza chain Basilico), recently moving all his motorbikes to one group policy.

"Beforehand, I had all my delivery bikes set up on a number of different policies and this became more and more difficult to manage as my business expanded. I have been working with MCE Insurance for a number of years now and went to them to see what they could do for me", said Geoff. "I was opening a new restaurant and wanted all the delivery bikes across my business to be on one group policy. MCE sorted this out for me and I'm delighted with the outcome as my insurance is now much easier to manage. The flexibility of the group policy is great and gives me just one renewal date a year."

Like others, Geoff is experiencing the great benefits of a fleet insurance policy from the title sponsor of the MCE Insurance British Superbike Series (call 0844 338 68 09 or visit

22.02.13 - MCE Insurance

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