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MCE Insurance, title sponsors of the MCE British Superbikes, understand that many bikers enjoy modifying their machines. It's a chance to make a bike your own, tailored to your own specifications. Most insurers have a limit on the number of mods you can have but at MCE they have bucked to trend to give bikers what they want...unlimited modifications.

The cover allows for unlimited mods unless you're fitting a turbo, a supercharger or nitrous to your bike, apart from that you can basically do what you like. All you need to do then is inform them of the mods you have fitted. If the worst happens and you have to make a claim, MCE will return your bike to standard specification without issue.

Chief Executive Julian Edwards had this to say, "Responding to customer feedback we felt the need to add Modification cover as an option for our policy holders. Bikers like to change things around on their machines, whether that be a new exhaust, some crash bungs, a new screen or all three! We felt it was time someone offered cover without a limit on the number of modifications giving those bikers the freedom to do as they wish."

Interested in MCE's modification cover? Then why not get a quote today.

10.06.2014 - MCE Insurance

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