Mobility Scooter peril!

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Europe has recently outlined plans to make insurance mandatory on ride on lawnmowers even when used on private land yet they seem to overlook mobility scooters. Mobility scooters are used by the elderly and infirm to get around and are a help to thousands; but there are no laws governing them and no insurance is required to ride one.

A recent case which saw an 85 year old man driving a mobility scooter the wrong way down the M1 has highlighted the need to look at the rules and regulations for use of these machines on and off the road. The incident was resolved after police received a number of calls and sent out an officer on a motorcycle to escort the man to a safe area.

A safety expert commented, "Very few people that ride mobility scooters have any knowledge of the laws of the roads. They don't need to hold a driving licence or have insurance. This man needs to thank his lucky stars he was stopped when he did."

Police are pushing for obligatory training for anyone using a mobility scooter which is a start but there could be even more rules and regulations coming over the next few years as the population ages and these scooters are more widely used.

Quotes taken from The Daily Mail.

19.08.2014 - MCE Insurance

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