Simple guide to going faster round corners

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We all enjoy riding motorcycles fast but cornering can really slow you down if not done properly, here's my simple guide to getting you and your motorcycle round corners faster.

  1. Direction - it sounds simple but the first thing you need to look for when going into a corner is which direction is it going in. Knowing this you'll be able to position you and your bike in the right place on the road to attack the corner correctly.
  2. Road Position - Always thinking about safety, go into a corner on a wide line, this lets you use more of the road giving you more time to dip it in and power out. Your line should go from outside to inside on the apex then back out once again coming out of the corner.
  3. Braking - as you're coming into the corner before you begin to turn make sure you get your speed to the correct level before entry. If you go in too hot you may over cook it, too slow and you won't have the pace to get your bike over. You shouldn't be doing any braking mid corner as you'll be lent over.
  4. Speed and gearing - when going round the corner if the engine is struggling you're in too high a gear, if it's revving like crazy you're in too low a gear. You want your revs to be at about half way between bottom and top for the perfect corner.
  5. Power - when entering the corner you should roll off the power and as you hit the apex slowly feed the throttle back in. Too much when lent over and the back wheel may spin up. Best practice is to increase the throttle as the bike gets up to being straight and level again.
  6. Body position - the more upright on the bike you are the less stable it will be. Hang your body off the bike into the inside of the corner to shift the weight and gain the extra grip required for going faster.
  7. Tyres - the more warm your tyres are the more you'll be able to push them. Make sure you've got them nice and hot before getting too low.
  8. Practice - the more you practice the better you will get. Best advice is to get out on a trackday to hone your skills for the road. When out on the road always be aware that every corner is different and that you don't know what will be round it. If you know the road well you have a better chance to go faster but still be aware of what's ahead.

I hope this guide will help you go a bit faster round corners, go out have fun but remember be safe and always respect the road.

05.07.14 - Big Ed

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