The darkness comes

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It's that time of year again when the days grow shorter and the nights grow longer meaning for us bikers a lot more time on the road in the dark. It's a fact that's its harder to be seen on a bike, we're smaller and much less noticeable than the average car so at night time we have to take extra precautions. In this guide I'll give you some tips for staying visible out there this winter.


Firstly make sure your lights are working. You may have had a bulb go over the summer months if you haven't been out at night. Worth giving the bike a good check over and making sure you've got indicators, full and dipped beam plus working tail and stop lights. I myself always have my lights on, whatever time of day, and to be honest most modern motorbikes will also have their lights on continuously. Lights are your first line of defence when out in the dark, make sure they are on.


There's plenty of gear out on the market that will help you to be seen. Most modern jackets, leathers, trousers etc will have reflective strips that will shine the light back at on coming vehicles making them know you are there. Also available are high visibility jackets, bands and stickers that can be worn to make you extra visible.

These aren't huge changes to make when you're out at night but if you take note and use these tips you'll be in a much safer position than you would have been otherwise. You may not look the coolest cat in the garage but you'll be visible and visible is safe. Ride safe all!

18.10.13 - Big Ed

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