Top 12 tips when riding abroad

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Thinking about taking your two wheels onto foreign soil? It has never been easier and with today's bikes they are more than capable of clocking up the miles and whilst maintaining a high level performance. Here are some tips to ensure you have a fun and hassle free trip:

  1. Be cautious - take note of different riding conditions and remember - never drive tired!
  2. Give yourself a constant reminder when riding on the other side of the road. The easiest way is to stick a bit of tape to your right mirror. Always be extra cautious at junctions and roundabouts as these are likely to throw up the most confusion.
  3. Remember to check your headlight, this may need adjusting so you don't dazzle oncoming drivers.
  4. Take time to research the local speed limits as it's never nice to be caught out and remember in most other countries its kilometres per hour not miles!!
  5. Check all the traffic laws, never take it for granted or just copy a local. In many countries you will find that you can be given an on the spot heavy fine or even your motorcycle confiscated.
  6. Staying with laws you must also check the drink driving limits in any of the countries you visit as they may be less than the UK.
  7. Make sure before you leave your motorbike is in tip top shape. Send it for a service and at the very least check the tyres, oil and water levels.
  8. Never rush, just relax and enjoy yourself.
  9. Carry your driving license and insurance documents at all times.
  10. Check your breakdown and make sure this covers you abroad, if it doesn't speak to your insurer to get this added as the last thing you need is to be stranded in another country!
  11. Check that your travel insurance is all up to date
  12. Don't get stranded!!! Always keep an eye of your fuel gauge.

23.08.12 - Big Ed

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