Wet weather proves a considerable hazard for bikers

MCE Insurance

Riders are being urged to take extra care when out and about in wet road conditions by MCE Insurance, the UK's Number One provider of motorcycle insurance. 2012 was the second wettest year in the UK since records began, at just 6.6mm less than the heaviest year for rainfall in 2000 and these progressively worsening weather conditions can present significant issues for people from all walks of life, with motorbike riders not immune by any means.

Research conducted by MCE shows that in the last quarter of 2012, 37% of all accidents reported took place in what was described as 'wet road conditions'. It's not just bikers' own riding that they need worry about out on the roads either, with 76.8% of these wet road accidents reported as not being the fault of the rider involved.

Widespread flooding is also becoming more and more of a feature across the UK when the rain comes down. Interestingly however, while this has caused endless problems for home and business owners in recent times, it doesn't seem to be an area where motorcyclists suffer particular issues. While MCE's comprehensive policies provide cover for flood damage, just one solitary flood-related motorbike claim was made by MCE customers throughout the whole of 2012.

Big Ed, Flag Bearer of the MCE Insurance British Superbike Championship urges riders to be careful. "I know many of you out there are all weather riders like myself and this means we have to make adjustments to our riding style and our awareness. Roads can be greasy, visibility is reduced, it's colder, wetter and generally more hazardous. So get your lights on and hi-vis out, don't lose concentration, adjust stopping distances and be prepared for any situation! The weather should never stop us from getting out on our bikes and with a little care and attention it won't!"

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18.02.13 - MCE Insurance

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