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Here we give advice on claims, theft, accidents, repairs etc. While we hope that all riders stay incident free we know accidents do happen.

Top Tip: Before any incident occurs you can protect yourself by ensuring your insurance policy includes a Legal protection Policy, then in the event of a non fault accident you can relax in the knowledge a specialist solicitor will fight your corner without charge to ensure you are compensated in respect of any losses you may suffer such as damage to your bike, policy excess, personal injury or other out of pocket expenses.

In the event you do have to make a claim the following information will need to be obtained:

  • Date, time and place of the incident
  • Details of the other vehicle involved
  • Details of Police officer if in attendance
  • Independent witness details

You will also need to tell your insurer as much as you can about the circumstances of the incident. If you can take pictures of the scene and position of the vehicles on a mobile phone that can be really helpful.

Top Tip: A mobile phone with a camera can be a bikers best friend following any incident.

Top Tip: If your incident involves a foreign lorry ensure you obtain the registration number of both tractor and trailer units as unlike UK registered Lorries the registration of tractor and trailer units can differ.

Top Tip: To avoid fraudulent or exaggerated claims being made against you if you have a mobile phone it is very helpful to your insurer if you can photograph any damage caused to a third party vehicle. As an example if you have grazed a car driver's door with your mirror and there is barely a mark on the car it would be very difficult for the driver to submit and justify a claim for a whiplash injury.

Top Tip: Following an incident wherever possible try to keep the other vehicle in your view, if you have a mobile phone, photograph the other vehicle identifying how many occupants are in the vehicle, this will avoid any fraudulent claims for phantom passengers being submitted.

22.06.2012 - Big Ed

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