Why bikers shouldn't cancel their insurance this winter

MCE Insurance

As the cold weather creeps in and frosty mornings seize up motorbikes across the UK, a common theme for motorcyclists is to consider cancelling their bike insurance whilst their pride and joy is out of action. However, it's important to consider all options before doing this...

Many bikers will continue to keep their bike locked in their garage whilst uninsured but if a theft did occur, the rider would not be able to make a valid claim.

Furthermore, the myth that cancelling during the winter months can save money is one that should be expelled from all motorcyclists' minds. Cancellation charges need to be considered as well as no claims bonus and renewal benefits from continuing a policy for its full term. For example, at renewal, MCE Insurance policyholders are given 3 months free insurance (15 months for the price of 12) - yet another reason to forget about cancelling a policy!

If that's not enough to deter a biker from a winter cancellation, then there is always the alternative of SORN insurance which will continue to cover a bike for theft and fire whilst laid up.

For more details on SORN insurance please click here.

12.10.12 - Adam Hale

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