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Wish I was there...

So the New Year is here (Happy New Year everyone) but the weather is causing the UK looks more like Russia at the moment – only with less vodka and communism.

So after I got bored of throwing snowballs at traffic wardens I needed to warm myself up, so I've been taking a look at the Dakar Rally which kicked off recently. Now its called the Dakar Rally, but Dakar is in Senegal, and this year, for the second time on the trot the event is in South America. Still, there are 176 bikes taking part, (Yamahas and BMW's but mostly KTM's) which means 176 riders that I'm massively jealous of – all doing 9000km in half a month, all over sand, stone, gravel and tarmac. More of a challenge than an MP trying to hide there expenses but I bet they haven't got ice on the inside if there visor like I had this week!

Just before I go, remember that the January sales aren't just for the shopping centres. MCE Insurance have a sale on all their motorcycle insurance, and its so hot enough to melt whatever mother nature chucks your way – so grab yourself a bike insurance bargain while you can!

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