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A Great Weekend

Phew, what a weekend. I ruddy love Silverstone. The atmosphere, the history, teasing the throttle through Luffield like it’s a spotty ginger child. A stonking time was had by all, and I met some great new friends, so if you’ve got any photos of you with Big Ed don’t forget to send them on to me at A massive well done to James Ellison in that second race - that was a good result for him and a great spectacle, so I enjoyed watching him take the chequered flag.

All eyes thought were on the man of the moment - Leon Camier. What an incredible maiden season ‘The Shifter‘s’ had. He’s only failed to reach the podium four times in 23 races. I can’t help but wonder where he’ll be next season - post your thoughts below. I would like to take him on at some point - one on one. He’s good, but could he beat Big Ed?

So, they price of Japanese bikes is set to go up in 2010 according to reports. It’s all to do with something called the Yen, which is what the Japanese use for money. Because of the problems in the economy, we could be set to see a new R1 up £700 in price. Big Ed’s advice - buy used, or buy British. I’m a massive fan of the current Triumph range - and I like the look of the new Rocket III which is due in 2010. 15% more pulling power this time around - that’s what I’m torque-ing about!

I’ll see you all next week.

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