Subscribe & Ride, beat the cost-of-living crisis

March, 15 2023
MCE Insurance

Times are hard right now and everyone’s feeling it, including bikers. Spiralling inflation, bloated energy bills, mounting food and fuel costs – the cost-of-living crisis is well and truly with us and doesn’t look like it’s going away. The lesser ridden motorcycle in the garage is starting to get eyed as an expense that isn’t needed…but fear not, MCE’s Subscribe & Ride is the UK’s first usage-based insurance and is here to keep bikes on the road.  

Subscribe & Ride is unlike any other motorcycle insurance product on the market because customers are in control of their costs.  They simply pay one initial payment when the subscription is started, which can be as low as £20 and then a pay-per-mile cost every month for as long as their subscription lasts, that’s it.

Standard insurance products use something called ‘agreed milage’ as one of the metrics to work out what a customer should pay in premium. If a customer is unsure of how many miles they will ride that year, they might opt to guess, for example 5000 miles. If they then only ride 3100 miles – with Subscribe & Ride they may have saved themselves some money.

The cost-of-living crisis might be forcing some bikers to SORN their machines until better times, this still requires insurance. Why buy SORN insurance and take the bike off the road when with Subscribe & Ride it will be covered when parked up and if they want to go for a ride, they can, and just pay for the miles they ride.

Subscribe & Ride is perfect for low milage riders, classic bike owners or riders who put their pride and joy away for the winter. It also has other great features such as no cancellation fees.

Alan Atkins, MCE Insurance’s CEO, commented:

“The current cost-of-living climate in the UK is tough, that’s why it’s more important than ever to get out and forget it all with a blast on two wheels. MCE want to give UK bikers an alternative to normal insurance, something they can control. They can choose when to spend and when not to. Most importantly we’re hoping this product can help people keep their bikes on the road, where they should be.”

To Learn more and get a quote for Subscribe & Ride visit MCE’s website today by clicking here: Subscribe & Ride

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