MCE Recommend Careful Riding on 138th Day of Insurance Policy…

January, 08 2019
MCE Insurance

Fascinating figures released by MCE Insurance suggest that on average, a rider is most likely to have an accident after 138 days, with a theft usually occurring on the 146th.


MCE report that a whopping 43.7% of accidents occur within the first ninety days of a policy, with 17.9% in the first month, and a staggering 4.9% in the first week alone. That’s almost one in twenty claims.


MCE’s Defaqto Five-Star rated bike product boasts of a comprehensive selection of benefits included with every policy, but as Commercial Director Simon French states: ‘we understand accidents do happen, and we are here to offer the very best service in any event’.


With regards to theft claims, the company’s findings show that 6.9% of theft claims occur within the first week alone, 7.5% in the first month, and 19.1% in the first ninety days.


Simon French continued: ’As a seasonal activity, we expected claims to be centralised around the Spring/Summer months, but these statistics collated by our underwriters are fascinating. We want all of our policy holders to be safe and secure, and hopefully these figures will help make them more so – from going steady in the first ninety days, to keeping your new pride and joy out of sight!’


The Company hopes this information will serve to remind all motorcyclists that a patient approach in getting to know the characteristics of a new machine is hugely beneficial. The unique nature of bikes is what differentiates them from cars, it’s why they’re cherished by so many – hopefully this evidence will ensure they’re cherished for years to come, not days.

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