Big Ed's Shop - 1000 Reviews, 100% Feedback Score!

February, 15 2019
MCE Insurance

We are thrilled to announce that the MCE Insurance eBay page has hit 1000 reviews, without a single customer leaving negative feedback.


The 100% feedback record is a landmark achievement for the MCE team, who have ensured that the level of customer service provided to each and every customer has not waivered during the operation’s substantial expansion.


Big Ed's Shop was opened in July 2015 – the eBay page advertises bikes that have been through the MCE claims process, subsequently purchased from policy holders that do not want their bikes repaired.


All of the motorcycles are fit to go back on the road after a bit of TLC – with some used solely as track day bikes, or even bought just for the exhaust! 


With the eBay page listing over 100 bikes a month on average, the operation is bigger than ever - and with a 100% feedback score to match, MCE are quickly becoming the first port of call for motorcycle enthusiasts looking for their next project.

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