MCE Tech Solutions Doubles in size over 3 months

October, 28 2021
MCE Insurance

£500,000 investment in additional head count adds 16,500 hours of annual resource for the InsurTech broker.


MCE is pleased to announce significant investment that will see a number of projects accelerated over the next 12 months. The Tech Solutions team is now made up of 18 full time staff, up from 9 since August, making it the largest non-customer facing department – a reflection of the businesses focus on digitalisation.


The new roles bring experience from finance, underwriting and customer facing departments. The appointment of Lindsay Lacey to a newly created Department Managers role, Andrew Moores as New Project Manager and Halimah Adetunji, Ateeb Khan, Roger Taylor, Michelle Crook, John Walvisch, Andy Stevenson and Olamide Ajayi all as Business Analysts has also triggered a restructuring, allowing for a more agility and productivity across the business.


Commenting on the growth, MCE’s CEO Julian Edwards said: “We have reorganised the department, with focused teams delivering on major projects, ad hoc change requests and short-term/high impact projects that land at short notice. Over the next 6 months or so, our focus is on upgrading our claims platform, enhancing our credit hire capabilities and enabling multi-channel FNOL. On the policy side, we will deliver a customer portal that provides self-service for Renewals, Cancellations, Mid Term Adjustments, Payment Plan adjustments and Document Provision. All of this is about seamless provision of quality insurance products to our increasingly tech-savvy customer base.”

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