Building a project bike

August, 08 2022
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Have you always dreamed of building the perfect motorcycle? Well with Big Ed’s Motorcycle World, now you can. He’s got hundreds of used and salvaged motorbikes for sale that need some love. With thousands of parts also available through his shop there’s no better place to go for all your project’s needs. Check out the shop here.

So, getting started…The first step (unsurprisingly) is to select a motorcycle that you would like to base your project on. Think about the type of bike you’re trying to create. Is it a trackday bike? A Café Racer? A Rat? Or just a road going special. You may even want to buy two bikes that you can merge! The possibilities are endless.

Once you have selected a motorcycle, you will need to gather the required parts. These parts can be purchased for Big Ed’s Motorcycle World.

Now you’ve got a bike and some parts, the next step is to start your project. Plan out what you want to do and try to stick to it. You’ll come across things as you go but if you’ve got a general plan of action, it will give you a process to follow.

It’s good to start with a full disassembly, removing the engine will give you a right look inside. Clean all the parts and inspect them for damage. Next, you will need to select the parts that you want to use for your project and assemble them according to your plan. Finally, you will need to re-install the engine and test it to make sure it is running properly.

Building a project motorcycle can be a fun and rewarding experience. It can also be a great way to save money on your next motorcycle purchase. With a little planning and effort, you can build a custom motorcycle that is sure to turn heads.

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