Subscribe & Ride Phone Guidance

To have a Subscribe & Ride policy you are required to download the MCE – Subscribe & Ride App to your phone. We’ve tried to make this app available on as many smartphones as possible. This page gives you more information on the phones supported and which settings you need turned on.

You will need to have location services turned on when using the app and a working Bluetooth connection.

Apple / IOS

The app is supported two IOS versions back from the current version. At the moment the latest version is v16, so we support v14 and v15 as well as v16. The latest version v16 was released in September 2022. Please keep your phone up to date.

Bluetooth Low Energy Support (BLE) was introduced on the iPhone 4S back in 2011 and this was the first Apple handset to support the standard. Our MileMate uses BLE to communicate with the app.

Download App for Iphone


The app tries to maintain support for around 95% of the Android phones in use in the market according to trusted source Android Studio.

As such, we support Android: v6+ (API 23+) and later, up to the latest Android version, which is v13, (API 33), released to the public on August 15, 2022.

BLE support: Android phones started to appear in the market in 2012 (with Android 4.3) that supporting BLE.

Download App for Android


If you’re having problems downloading the app it’s more likely to relate to IOS or Android operation system version numbers and not the hardware support on the device. The app stores normally filter out phones that have old operating systems and won’t present incompatible apps to out of date OS’s. You should always be asked to update your operating system as a first step.