Traditional motorcycle insurance hasn’t changed for many years. High annual premiums, cancellation fees and a lack of flexibility.

MCE has been a leader in the market for over 45 years and believe it's time to change things up, it’s time to rethink motorcycle insurance.


One-off Payment

Pay for the miles you ride

It's that

Subscribe & Ride is totally different from standard motorcycle insurance, why not get a quote today and see if it could work for you?


Low Deposits

1. Start your Subscription – pay your one-off payment which includes the cost of your MileMate and 12 months parked up cover.

Eye Beacon

2. Download the Subscibe & Ride app and Install your MileMate – the mile counter is the size of a 50p coin – simply attach it to your bike, pair with the app and go.


3. Pay for what you ride – Only pay for the miles you ride at your very own agreed cost-per-mile rate once a month. You'll be able to see the miles you’ve ridden through the app.


The MileMate and app work together to count your miles and provide you with the cost of each ride.

Low Deposits


Pay for what you ride – With a tailored cost-per-mile cost, you’re in control. The less you ride, the less you’ll pay.

Fully Comprehensive Cover – Get the benefits of fully comprehensive cover when you’re on the road riding (other options are available).

No Cancellation Fees – You can cancel at any time for no extra cost.

Keep your No Claims Bonus – If you subscribe for 12 months, we’ll give you your No Claims Bonus as normal.

Technology First – As a subscriber, you get access to the MCE Customer Portal where you can manage your cover.

Subscribe & Ride is totally different from standard motorcycle insurance, why not get a quote today and see if it could work for you?


How does Subscribe & Ride work?

Pay your one-off payment, we’ll set up your subscription and send out your MileMate.

Download the app then when your MileMate arrives attach it to your bike and pair it to the app.

Once that’s done you only pay for the miles you ride.

What is Subscribe & Ride?

Subscriptions are everwhere these days. Think streaming service where tou get your music and TV. Insurance should be no different.

Pay your one-off payment and then for the miles you ride, cancel whenever you like.

It’s that simple.

I already tell my insurer how many miles I do, why is this different?

Normally insurers can’t track how many miles you do so they assume you’ll ride more than you do.

You might say you ride 5,000 miles a year, but only ride 2,500 miles in that year. Why should you pay for the miles you aren’t riding? Subscribe & Ride means you only pay for what you actually ride.

How do I install MileMate?

We’ll send you out your MileMate with instructions of how to fit it to your bike when you take out your subscription.

It’s about the size of a 50p and weighs almost nothing so it’s not going to affect how the bike looks or performs.

We recommend putting it under the seat or a side panel. We’ll provide sticky fixers and a cable tie so you can easily attach it yourself.

Does the MileMate work on all bikes?

Yes, because the device is about the size of a 50p and only needs to connect to the app it doesn’t matter what bike you have. Just attach and go!.

You will need a smartphone that can run the app to Subscribe & Ride.

Do I need to install the app to be covered?

Yes, the app is an important tool so the MileMate can tell us how many miles you’ve ridden. It also lets you know how much you’ve ridden and how much you’ve spent.

How do I pay for Subscribe & Ride?

You pay a one-off payment then just pay monthly for the miles you ride. We’ll send you a summary every month, so you know what you’ll be paying.

How do I get a quote for Subscribe & Ride?

You can get a Subscribe & Ride quote at any time using the quote form on our website. You’ll get a price for a standard annual policy (including pay monthly) and Subscribe & Ride.

Subscribe & Ride won’t be for everyone. If you don’t get a quote, you aren’t eligible for the product.

Remember you’re in control. You can cancel at any time for no extra fee and the less miles you do, the cheaper it will be!