Subscribe & Ride with Smart App Technology

April, 03 2023
MCE Insurance

MCE’s Insurance’s ground-breaking motorcycle insurance product, Subscribe & Ride, is like no other in the market. It’s the UK’s first pay-per-mile bike insurance.

Creating a new product from scratch comes with its challenges including from a technology point of view. MCE have partnered with ICE Insuretech who have built the system behind the product and Inzura who have developed the state-of-the-art smart app which works with the system (and the MileMate…more on that later) to deliver a seamless journey for customers.

When a new customer takes out a subscription, they are prompted to download the app straight away. Once downloaded, the app will take them through a short set up including taking a picture of their current milage on their clocks which the app will then log automatically. The customer can then get riding.

In the meantime, the system has ordered the MileMate which will arrive in the post for the customer in a matter of days. The MileMate is a small device, about the size of a 50p, which is attached to the bike. It must then be paired to the app. This will log a customer’s location and how far they are moving to determine the miles ridden and in turn, the cost for that month.

Whilst this process is completely new for bikers the aim of Subscribe & Ride is to give them more control and flexibility. The ICE system behind the product also gives the customer the ability to to make changes to their subscription online and mange every aspect of it without ever having to call a person.

Subscribe & Ride is perfect for low milage riders, classic bike owners or riders who put their pride and joy away for the winter. It also has other great features such as no cancellation fees.

Alan Atkins, MCE Insurance’s CEO, commented:

“Technology is everything these days. Over the last few years MCE has been through a digital revolution and moved away from the out-dated call centre model. We firmly believe customers should be in control of their insurance and Subscribe & Ride takes that to a whole other level. They do everything online from their phone and get the added benefit of being in charge of their costs. ICE and Inzura have been incredible partners through the development of this product, we certainly could not have done it without them.”

To Learn more and get a quote for Subscribe & Ride visit MCE’s website today by clicking here: Subscribe & Ride

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